Grundon Marine - T&T Spirit, Port of Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

Grundon Marine to replace another ISIS 2500 alarm & monitoring system

Grundon Marine is delighted to have won the contract to replace the Decca ISIS 2500 AMS on the vessel T&T Spirit for Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. A retrofit of the legacy system will take place with the installation of the latest Servowatch AMS.

Our engineers have successfully completed a number of retrofits to vessels all over the world. The expertise required and understanding of this type of project is ideally suited to Grundon Marine. This project is expected to take three weeks to complete.

Toby Grundon, Director at Grundon Marine, said:

“Our engineers enjoy this type of project, especially with our thorough understanding and experience of both Decca ISIS and Servowatch systems. I am sure being in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago will help too!

“We have worked on vessels for the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago over the last couple of years. I am naturally pleased our relationship is going from strength to strength.”

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