Major retrofit of steering control system on P&O Pride of Canterbury ferry

Major retrofit of a new steering control system for P&O Ferries

Grundon Marine completed a major retrofit project in December 2021 to install a new steering control system to the Pride of Canterbury ship for P&O Ferries.

Works on board the Pride of Canterbury were part of an extensive programme by P&O to overhaul the rudders. The 33,000-tonne ship was held in a ship yard and dry dock in Dunkerque, France, whilst the programme of work was completed.

The original steering control system was installed when the ship was launched in 1991. The interesting history of the vessel saw it begin service as a freight ship before it was converted to increase the number of cars and passengers to become the Pride of Canterbury in 2003.

Grundon Marine was the contractor to remove and replace the steering control system. The time-bound 3-week project required our marine electronics engineers – Toby Grundon, Brian Conway and Nathan Grundon – to stay on-site in Dunkerque. The work was undertaken during enhanced restrictions and controls due to COVID-19 protocols.

The scope of work involved the conception, installation, commissioning and certification of a modern steering control system from Sperry Marine. The integrated bridge management solution was carefully considered and designed to suit the specific requirements of P&O.  Extensive rewiring and rerouting of components included the rewire of the rudder control in steer flat and relocating the steering amplifier cards from the steering motors to the bridge. Bridge controls were located on a central station and the bridge wings.

Toby Grundon, Director at Grundon Marine, said:

“This was a wonderful project for the company to be involved in for P&O Ferries.  Due to the size and nature of the project – and throw in the COVID restrictions that were in place at the time – the team successfully resolved a number of challenges to replace an old redundant steering control system.

“The completed work showcases our expertise in delivering a comprehensive and high-quality service in bridge management control systems. I am particularly proud of the team, who completed all works within the client-approved timeframe and budget.”

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